Robert Merriman’s Diary now Live and online

At last I can now make public the announcement that a transcription of Robert Merriman’s two Diairies are now available online and updated every two days, “Live”.

Ray Hoff, son of American brigader Harold Hoff has been working hard on the unpublicised website since January, but now hiswork can be publicised. Many thanks to Ray and all the others who have helped make this happen.

Ray writes:

“At the FFALB (Friends and Family of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade) luncheon (held last Saturday 26th of April in New York), I announced the transcription of Robert Merriman’s diary. The diary has been in the Tamiment library in the Merriman collection and was the basis for the excellent book by Marion Merriman Wachtel and Warren Lerude “American Commander in Spain”. But there was much in the diary that was not discussed in the book and a group of five people were organized by Rickard Jorgansen to transcribe Merriman’s dense handwriting so others could see how he spent 1937.

The diary is being spooled out at the rate it was written, two pages every two days, in blog format. I suggest first consulting the “How to Read the Diary” introduction on the left of the diary webpage (see below) by clicking on the word “here”. This will explain the diary and the blog layout and how to navigate forward and backward in time. The diary started in January 1937 and we are now through April 28, 1937. The diary will run until November 1937.

I would like to thank first Tamiment Library for their encouragement on this project, Rickard foremost for offering the placement of the blog and the digital scans of the pages, Joe Wachtel (Marion Merriman’s son) for his enthusiasm in having the diary used for research, Warren Lerude for his suggestions and contacts, and finally the “transcription team”…. Rickard, Alan Warren, Josie Yurek, Nancy Wallach and reviews by Chris Brooks and Matt White.”


p style=”margin-bottom:6px;”>The diary can be read here. Enjoy.


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