The Battle of Belchite. September 1937

1st August  2012

“Love and Revolutionary Greetings. An Ohio Boy in the Spanish Civil War” by Laurie Levinger.

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Just a quick note to say that Laurie Levinger’s book on Sam Levinger is out now as a book and E book. Published by Wipf  &  Stock publishers in the USA, it can be purchased direct from them at

A good read leading up to the Battle of Belchite where Sam was wounded and subsequently died in  the IB hospital at Puebla de Hijar. Even Helen Graham gives it a good review, so it must be good!


27th December, 2010

Searching for Sam Levinger…..

Hannah, Laurie & Josh Levinger beside the memorial to the Republican dead buried in the cemetery of Pueblo de Hijar (a better photo to follow)

Alan Warren had the pleasure of taking the family of Sam Levinger to Belchite and to the hospital at Pueblo de Hijar where Sam died and to the fossa commun where he is buried in the village. Sam’s niece, Laurie, and her two children, Josh & Hannah were able to pay their respects to Sam and left a small memorial to him beside the memorial to the Republican dead. It was a great pleasure to show Sam’s family round the area and to allow them to see where Sam was wounded , died and where he is buried after some fascinating research through various Spanish Archives. I hope to do more research on this Hospital  in the Tamiment Collection in New York when I visit the USA to give some talks about the Abraham Lincoln Brigade in Spain in April 2011.

View down the Calle Major of Belchite from the Plaza de Goya


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