(Posted 1st April, 2014). An app for the blog so as to use my I Pad!

Using an app to keep the blog active!

I have decided to use an app on my I Pad to keep putting messages online rather than using my rather squeaky laptop. I must apologise for my silence between the end of October and now. Firstly the 75th Anniversary of the Withdrawal of the International Brigades might have thrown me more than I realised. But certainly, after having taken part in a re enactment last November at La Fatarella, I promised to think deeply about the experience and report back. I enjoyed it, but it moved me deeply and I was thinking about some friends who do not like this sort of thing. Sadly I think I have learned, and will learn a great deal from this experience, so expect some reports on this.

Above: Alan looking slightly confused while trying to use this new app.!
I like this photo taken by David Wilton a great deal…..
The brave men of the XV Brigada Mixta who held this final defensive line in November 1938.

And here are some videos of the event: http://youtu.be/RdvhVV4_iMI

and: http://youtu.be/SX_31pToaAI

Ok. I am learning to use this app and lets see what it can do. But just to let readers know that I am still alive! Hurrah!


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