A new Space of Democratic Memory in Caspe.

“Caspe searches for “treasures” from the Civil War for a new Museum.

The consistory requests the collaboration of neighbours to transfer objects, photographs and documents of the Republic, the Civil War and the postwar period.

The City Council of Caspe, through the area of ​​Culture and Democratic Memory, led by Rafael Lumbreras, has announced its next cultural project: the Space of Democratic Memory of Caspe, a space for dialogue between generations. For its implementation, they have requested the collaboration of the neighbours to transfer objects, photographs and documents from the Republic, the civil war and the postwar period, which may be carried out at the Tourist Office of the town.

The donated objects will be destined for this new space, which will be in a room within the Goya Cinema Theatre of the municipality and will be managed by the town council, which has signed an agreement with the Bajo Aragonese Agitation and Propaganda Association for its implementation. . The museum design will be carried out by Serendipia Gestión Cultural.

The new project aims to be “didactic” and “attractive” to the public, “moving away from traditional political history”, according to the council in a press release, and insisting on a “more social point of view.” In fact, they assure that whoever enters the room will not only see “the darkest dimensions of the moment” in Caspe, Spain or Europe, but also “those people who lived, loved, had sons and daughters and even dreams of a better world”, As José Luis Ledesma and Juan Carlos García Funes comment in memory of the project.”



XIV Jarama March.


We begin the year 2022 finalizing the preparations for the new edition of the Batalla del Jarama Memorial March, which will be number 14. After the suspension of the 2021 one, we hope to be able to celebrate it this year in Ciempozuelos, as we had planned for the past. For this we have the collaboration of the Forum for the Recovery of Historical Memory Las Vegas, and the Ciempozuelos City Council.

This town was the first to suffer the effects of the fighting, since the attack by the Moorish units and the legion that gave rise to the Battle of Jarama, began on Ciempozuelos, defended by the 18th mixed brigade that was practically annihilated.

In collaboration with the Ciempozuelos City Council, we extend the commemoration throughout the week, in which we will have various events, which will join those that we have traditionally been doing. We hope to have the presence of the associations from friends of the International Brigades of Scotland, Ireland, England and Poland, although it is still too early to say so.

Saturday, February 12 at 12:00:
Inauguration of the photographic exhibition of General Walter on the International Brigades at the Ciempozuelos Library (C. de la Colegiata, 3, 28350 Ciempozuelos). At the event, the book about the Irish of Eoin o´Duffy who fought in the Francoist ranks in the Battle of Jarama will be presented, commented on by its author, and contrasting with it, the Irish participation in the International Brigades, collected in The Book of the XV Brigade, from the same Weapons and Letters Collection.

Wednesday, February 16 at 6:30 p.m.
Viewing of the documentary “The International Brigades” and subsequent debate on the subject, also to be held at the Ciempozuelos Library (C. de la Colegiata, 3).

Friday, February 18 at 11:00:
In the building of the old Hospitalillo de Tarancón, a tribute to the medical personnel of the International Brigades, and to the volunteers who passed through there.

Friday, February 18 at 6:00 p.m.
Dedication of a space to Eddie O’Neill, promoter of the Association of Friends of the Irish International Brigades, who died last July. It will be in the MIralrío park, in Rivas Vaciamadrid.

Saturday, February 19 at 10:30 am:
Departure of the XIV Battle of Jarama Memorial March, from the Ciempozuelos Sports Centre (Calle Cruz Verde). The route is about 5 kilometres in total, through fairly flat terrain and easy to navigate. At the end, in the same sports hall there will be a tribute act and a meal. At 4:30 p.m. the week of activities will close with the reading of poems by local writers.”