“Two wreaths of flowers”. William Digges and the XV International Brigade in Tarrega in May 1938.

4th December 2019

Media work.

At last I am very pleased to present a short documentary we helped make in remembering American brigader William Digges, who was buried in Tarrega cemetery after a tragic accident. His body was removed to take DNA and confirm cause of death. Curiously, he was buried in full uniform, but without his boots! James Neugass in “War is Beautiful” met General Walter outside Belchite in early March 1938 and wrote:

“We found the General seated among his staff in a cleft in the dry hills.All seven officers were perfect, boots shined,  and khaki uniforms unspotted. Four sappers stood at one side with picks and shovels. Two of them carried officers´boots  and pistols. I imagine that the shoes were still warm from the bodies of the soldiers who had worn them. Dead, an officer represents a good pair of boots, a pistol, a wrist-watch and possibly a compass.”

“War is Beautiful”. p. 271.

Here is an article (in Catalan) about the research by Jaume Ramon Sole on photos taken in Tarrega in May 1938 and which are now in the Tamiment in New York University.


The photographs can be viewed here;


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