(Posted 1st April 2014) The Third Merriman March, 29th of March 2014


Last weekend I had the pleasure of taking part in what has been the Third Merriman March to remember the Lincoln Washington battalion's horrific night time retreat between Batea and Corbera over the 1st and 2nd of April 1938. Robert Merriman was the XV Brigade's Chief of Staff, and he and his adc, Commissar Dave Doran disappeared in an ambush close to Corbera, never to be seen again. The prime mover behind this event is Anna Marti Centellas and her husband, Enric Comas, who have done extensive field walking, interviews and research to try and understand this confusing period.

To explain the situation and events over these two days, here is an article by Anna Marti that appeared in the ALBA “Volunteer” magazine last year. It can also be read in Spanish:


And here are four videos in Catalan and Spanish of the 30km route that was led by Anna and Enric. Many thanks to Ramon Aragonés Margalef for filming this walk. We look forward to others joining us in future years.

Expect an English version later today:


And here is something that a local farmer found between Batea and Maella recently:




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